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RAJESH KUMAR has a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application along with Science Graduate. He has 1.5 Yrs Experience in development of S/W in Visual Basic 6.0, MS Access, SQL, and Seagate Crystal Report for Military Engineering Services (A Defense Organization) under supervision of ‘WebLozik Solution, PUNE’. The experiences include System Analysis and Design, RDBMS. He is also supervised the LAN installation in Central Record Office, Chief Engineer Southern Command, PUNE, as a part of Computerization of Service Book software. RAJESH KUMAR has good team handling skills, is a proficient learner with good communication skills.






To stay abreast of emerging technologies and contribute my experience towards development of excellent applications.



PGDCA from IGNOU, New Delhi.

      Certificate in Computing from IGNOU, New Delhi.

B.Sc. from LNM University, Darbhanga.




Expert Level:

Front End


Visual Basic 6.0

Rdbms /Back End


MS. Access, Oracle 8, MS. SQL Server, FoxPro





Secondary Area:



QBASIC 4.5, C, C++, UNIX Shell Programming, Softech COBOL 80 on Minicomputer in Unix Environment, FORTRAN 77, ASSEMBLY

Operating Systems


MS DOS 6.22, MS Window, Linux, SCO Unix on Minicomputer.

Internet Technology



Application Software


MS Office, Page Maker 5, WORDSTAR 7, and LOTUS 123.

Artificial Intelligence





Data Structure, Networking, Software Engineering, RDBMS,

Operation Research, and Operating System Concept.



v      WebLozik Solution, Pune from Apr 2003 to Nov 2004 as a Software Programmer.

MAJOR PROJECTS   (Chronological Order):

Project                         : Pay Bill Solution [Based on Revised Fifth Pay Commission]

Client                            : Military Engineering Services.(Or for any Central / state govt employee)

Tools Used                    : Visual Basic 6.0, MS Access, SEAGATE Crystal Report 7

Team Size                     : 4

Role                              :  programmer cum Team Leader


Project Details

Software is designed to generate monthly pay bills of civilian staff of any government organization as per Revised 5th PAY COMMISSION w.e.f. from Apr 2004. It generates the entire schedule Loan report required for audit purpose. It has facility to customize as per customer requirement as client side with out changing any lines in Source Code.



Project             : Posting Transfer Management System

Client                : Engineer-in-Chief (E-in-C), New Delhi
Tool Used          Visual Basic 6.0, MS SQL Server, And SEAGATE Crystal Report 7

Team Size         : 5

Role                  : Programmer

Project Details

This software meant for track record of officer of MES for their posting. Basically we called it as a inventory of Man. Before this software manually sorting out the record for transfer purpose takes six months. Hence Posting transfer operation takes six months for implementation. It includes preparation of seniority report based on their TOS in present unit. After implementation of this software Posting Order generation takes only 2 seconds. Apart of this main purpose, it also generate Due report, Posting Proposal Proforma, History Of Employee’s transfers, Establishment Register, Vacancy Report, Vacancy Occupancy Report.


Project                         : Bank Guarantee Bond Reminder System

Client                            : Military Engineering Services.

Tools Used                    : Visual Basic 6.0, MS Access, SEAGATE Crystal Report 7

Team Size                     : 4

Role                              :  programmer


Project Details

The Bank Guarantee Bond Reminder System (BGB) software is designed to maintain a database of the entire ‘Bank Guarantee Bond’. It generates report like - extension, reminder and Release of BGB. It gives information regarding BGBs in your hand for any project, for any contractor.



Project                         : Part II Order Software

Client                            : Military Engineering Services (MES), Southern Command, Pune.

Tools Used                    : Visual Basic 6, MS SQL Server, and SEAGATE Crystal Report

Team Size                     : 5

Role                              : Programmer


Project Details

In MES, the Central Record Office (CRO) keeps record of all the causality (Events) of employee in Service Book. Maintaining Of this record is done at Command Level. It takes a lot of Manpower to maintain record of employee on paper. It takes a lot of space to store the paper for longer time duration. To overcome this drawback we develop Part II Order S/W. Which Store Causality in database in Lower Formation and further it is sent through Floppy to CRO, there it is updated in Central Server



Name                      : RAJESH KUMAR          


Date of Birth           : 07th January 1977


Sex                         : Male


Marital Status          : Single


      Address                   : House # 20 Above Walke Hospital,

                                    Aundhgaon, Pune 411 007


Phone                     : 09373300645


Email                      :


Hobbies                  : Reading Books, Curious about new Technology, Electronics, Songs etc



Extra Activity:


       Participate in Jawahar Lal Nehru National Science Exhibition 1990.

       District champion of cycle race in 1993.

       ‘A’ Certificate passed Cadet of NCC.

       Six month training on electronics under the program of Ministry of HRD.




Available on request.






Place: PUNE                                                                                                            

Date:  07 Feb 2005                                                           (Rajesh Kumar)